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Tutor In Italy

3 min read

A Life-Changing Adventure in Italy - Why You Should Tutor Abroad

In 2015, Christy Wilde traveled abroad to teach conversational English to a family in Italy. Her experience was profound, and she still keeps in...

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alexa milan

1 min read

A Solo Traveler's Experience in Milan, Italy

Signing up to volunteer to teach English to a family in Italy was the best decision I've ever made in my life. It was an amazing experience that I...

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1 min read

Why you should go abroad alone at least once in your life

It's an extraordinary thing, this world. The concept of it is truly limitless. You could travel to every single continent, and only just begun to see...

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italy blog

2 min read

4 Things I Didn't Expect When I Volunteered to Teach in Italy

This past summer, I volunteered to teach in Italy through GeoVisions and lived with my host family to help them learn English. When I was there, I...

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