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Better Communication.

Better Understanding.

Better Tomorrow.

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It's Our Vision

It guides everything we do.  We truly believe that Better Communication leads to Better Understanding and leads us all to a Better Tomorrow.  It all starts with communication.  All of our projects are designed to improve communication skills.  From better English speaking for children in a remote Thai village to classroom collaboration between teachers in distant countries … our programs are thoughtfully crafted to realize results that bring us all closer together for a Better Tomorrow.


When we send a teacher or tutor into a classroom in a far-off country, we give them the tools not just to instruct but to innovate using methods developed by leading educational psychologists.  We partner with Renzulli Learning at the University of Connecticut to train our educators to identify personalized learning styles in children to increase engagement and achieve high performance.  The Global Collaboration model pairs up classrooms in two different parts of the world to work in teams on creative, imaginative projects that ultimately develop better communication skills.


We generally work with village schools that lack the resources to provide educational materials essential to developing learning skills.  We’re talking about basic resources here.  Forget tablets and computers and whiteboards!  How about desks and chairs and pencils and paper and books?  Your generosity will help our partner projects provide students and teachers with materials to enrich learning experiences and achieve the best possible educational outcomes.  The children at all our projects are eager to learn.  Your donation will help this learning become a reality.