Hi, I am Anand.   I am 21 years old, and from Aukland, New Zealand.  I recently graduated from university and felt like doing something exciting before I am stuck with responsibilities.  The first thing that came to mind was to teaching English abroad while traveling. After some research I came across a webpage called GeoVisions.

GeoVisions' Tutor English Abroad Program was offering exactly what I wanted, which is to travel while teaching English abroad.  So, I applied for the program which enabled me to teach English to a host family in France.

tutor english abroad Anand visiting the Eiffel Tower while teaching English abroad in France with GeoVisions

I have been in France for more than two months now and I like every moment of it. I stay in a town called Missillac which is located in the Brittany region of western France. The family is very kind and generous for hosting me and letting me be a part of their family. They have introduced me to their family and friends, included me in everything they do, and have made it possible for me to make the most out of my experience here in France.

I am really lucky to have been placed with an amazing French family.

They have exposed me to so many wonderful things about Brittany: its forests, its beaches, its towns and its way of life.

My host mom, Laurence, is a teacher in a local secondary school.   She asked me if I was willing to be an English assistant at her school. I accepted that offer, so during the weekdays I am an assistant for the English teachers in the school.  (Students pictured above.)  I absolutely love it because it exposes me to many different people and also gives me an opportunity to improve my French skills.

tutor english abroad A few snapshots of where Anand traveled while teaching English abroad

I recently had holidays, so I decided to travel around Europe’s major cities. I brought an Eurail train pass which allowed me to travel around 28 European countries. I went to many different cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Zurich, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome.

My average day is something like this; I wake up at 6:30am.  The schools in France start at 8:15am. I get ready, have my breakfast and leave for school with my host mother around 7:30 am. During school hours, we have a small break at 10:15 and an unusually big lunch time for two hours starting at 12:15pm. The school finishes at 5:15pm and I catch a ride back with my host mother.

tutor english abroad Anand with his host family while teaching English abroad in France

After we get home, we have some light snacks then I help my host brothers with their school work, we watch TV or play games. We have dinner together as a family normally around 7:30pm and go to bed by 9:00pm. I do not have school on Wednesdays, so I usually go out and explore the surrounding town with my friends that I made in France.  If the weather is not so friendly, I stay home and play games or watch movies or practice my French with my host family.

While it has been challenging sometimes to be away from my family and friends, I feel like I have been incredibly well supported here by my host family, program coordinator, and most all of the people I have met while teaching English abroad.

There’s so much to see and learn. I can’t imagine ever having regretted taking this decision.


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