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Teaching Abroad in Thailand? Pack This, Not That!

Are you teaching abroad in Thailand and not sure what to pack?

GeoVisions recently checked in with Dan Raza, a Quinnipiac University senior who has been studying at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand since January.

Here are some of his suggestions on what to pack, and what to leave at home if you're teaching abroad.

Teach Abroad Dan with a monk in front of a temple in Thailand

•    Copy of passport: It’s required by law that Thai citizens and all visitors carry proper identification at all times.

•    Toilet paper:  In Thailand, many public bathrooms don’t have toilet paper.

•    Hand Sanitizer: Along with no toilet paper, many bathrooms also don’t have soap.

•    Shampoo, soaps and other toiletries:  While these items may be less expensive in Thailand, many of them may contain bleach or other whitening products.

•    Comfortable shoes and clothes:  Be prepared to do lots of walking and biking while traveling around and teaching abroad.

•    Light Weight Clothes:  It’s very hot and humid in Thailand, so chances are you won’t need a heavy jacket or sweatshirt.  And if you did forget anything, clothing is inexpensive in Thailand.  If visiting temples, make sure you have clothing to cover your shoulders and legs.

•    Gifts from home:  It is Thai custom to bring gifts to people when visiting them for the first time.

•    International banking card: Find one that will let you withdraw money without any fees, and automatically changes the currency.

Work Abroad Dan gets up close and personal with an elephant, while in Thailand

•    Sunblock and mosquito repellant: A sunburn and bug bites can put a damper on any trip.

•    A lightweight suitcase: Lugging around a huge suitcase can be a burden if you want to travel around neighboring countries. But at the same time, make sure you have extra room to bring home gifts to family and friends from your teaching abroad adventure.

•    Travel size umbrella: It rains a lot in Thailand, so you’ll definitely want to have an umbrella handy.  A small waterproof bag is also a good idea for your camera and phone.

Do you have any other suggestions on what to pack and what to leave home if visiting Thailand?  Please comment below.


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