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Just Arrived! GeoVisions' Newest Programs

Just Arrived! GeoVisions' Newest Programs

This is the time of year we see new programs hit our site.  Within the next 4 weeks you will see GeoVisions add 20+ new programs, and we'll announce each one via this Blog.  As you can see below, we're "switching it up" a little.

W&T logoI am highlighting our three newest programs:  one volunteer program, one Work and Travel Internship and one Au Pair.  We like a wide variety of programs to offer people.  We don't want to be "type-cast" so we stretch out a little.

But also, GeoVisions is a U.S. State Department designated Work/Travel organization.  We have partner sites in 30 different countries.  That translates into a great network of interesting program content.

Conversation Partner-Mexico
I know...we already have Conversation Partner-Mexico.  But wait...we have an entirely new and very unique way of seeing Mexico:  Through the eyes and ears of local tourist officials!

Conversation  Partner logoThat's right!  Expanding on our current Conversation Partner program in Mexico tutoring staff and students in select language schools, there is now a unique opportunity to kick it up a notch by working directly with local tourism officials and speaking conversational English with the tourism staff.

Where would you be tutoring?  Mainly in local tourism kiosks in resort and high tourist areas of Mexico.  The kiosks can be on the street (handy for tourists) or at airports as tourists arrive into Mexico.  Local tourism officials are there to provide local information to tourists and they are eager to learn conversational English to make it easier to communicate with the tourists entering Mexico.

Can you imagine?  Be a Conversation Partner with a tourist official.  They learn conversational English and you find out the really great places to visit and enhance your stay in Mexico.

This new project is really a very unique way to learn about Mexican culture, how tourists are viewed by the locals, and to assist the tourism officials in becoming better conversationalists with tourists.

Work and Travel Internship
Machu Pichu photoInternships in a Work and Travel office
abroad are nothing but fun.  Our newest is in Lima, Peru.  Earn $300 per month plus receive free accommodation by interviewing college students headed to the U.S. on the J-1 Work and Travel program.

The Work and Travel program in the U.S. allows college students from other countries to travel to the U.S., work legally during their summer break, and then travel for a month before returning to their home country.  Those students need to be interviewed about what it is like to live and work in the U.S. and also for their English language ability and skills.

The minimum stay for this Internship in Lima, Peru is 3 months and the maximum stay is 10 months.  There is an interview process after you make your application.

Focused on fun and interviewing Peruvian college students, the benefits include $300/month and free accommodation. There are Internships and then there are Work and Travel Internships. Availability now in Argentina, China, Turkey, Chile and Peru.

Au Pair Spain
If you are a female, U.S. citizen, and between the age of 18 and 30 withAu  Pair family at least a high school diploma, (I already know what you're thinking...) you can become an Au Pair in Spain.

If you want to stay more than 3 months, a student visa will be issued to you.  All you then have to do is take 15 hours of Spanish language classes each week.

What makes this Au Pair program unique is you can choose how many hours a week you work.  Depending on the hours you choose to Au Pair, you can earn more or you can earn less.  Earn €70/week if you work 25 hours each week plus 2 evenings.  Earn €95/week if you work 35 hours per week plus 3 evenings.  And for every six months you work, you receive a week's paid vacation.

The minimum stay is 2 months, maximum 10 months.


So there you are.  Do you have program ideas we should consider?  Places we don't currently serve?  Please use the Comments section and let us know.  We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

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