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Experiencing ESL & Elephants in Zululand, South Africa

For three weeks this summer, Meagan was a camp counselor in Zululand, South Africa teaching ESL. GeoVisions recently conducted an interview with Meagan about her experiences. Here's what she had to say.


esl Meagan with fellow teachers while on an ESL experince in South Africa


Q: Why did you chose the this program in South Africa?

A: I always wanted to visit South Africa. I picked this program because I would be in a village with people in a different part of South Africa than tourists go. I wanted to really experience the true culture.

Q: What was your typical day like?

A: I woke up around 7 and had breakfast. I would then get to the school which was close by and teach for about four hours. I would have lunch with the students and then head back to our camp where we stayed. Sometimes we went on a game drive and then return to camp for dinner.


ESL A group of elephants during Meagan's game drive while on an ESL experience in South Africa


Q: What is a game drive?

A: We would be driven around to see wild animals in the afternoon. Saw giraffes, rhinos, elephants...

Q: What were your accommodations like?

A: We slept in a tent in a sleeping bag. A mattress was provided. GeoVisions had told us this in advance. All meals were provided. I had breakfast and dinner at the camp and lunch at the school. I always felt safe in my accommodations.


esl A few of Meagan's students while teaching ESL in South Africa.


Q: What were your students like?

I was teaching ESL to high school students between the ages of 14 to 20. The tough part was it was their winter break, so only those who really wanted to learn English were there, and attendance would vary each day. Watching the students struggle and get frustrated when they didn't understand me, will help me become a more patient teacher. Although they are so improvised, all of the students seemed so happy.

Q: Would you recommend this trip to others?

A: Overall this trip was great. GeoVisions staff was very informative on what to expect. I wasn't surprised by anything, was just open to experiences. I would totally recommend this program.

For more information on becoming a camp counselor in Zululand, South Africa and teaching ESL, click here.



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