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Be An Au Pair In China

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... and your host family in China will assist you with your airfare, and your visa fees will also be paid.  Included also is your orientation and 4-6 hours each week of Mandarin lessons.  Of course you will receive private accommodation, all of your meals and one and one-half days off each week.

If you want to travel with a friend, we have so many Chinese families waiting for Au Pairs we can place you near each other and on your days off you can spend time with your friends.

You will be expected to spend less than 30 hours per week as an Au Pair: Taking care of the children, escorting them to school, playing and teaching them, etc. In addition, most families will treat their Au Pair as a member of the family, so you might be invited to family holidays, social and family events and gatherings!

70% of the families have one child.  30% of the families have 2 or more children.

Various social events are often planned so that you have the opportunity to meet other Au Pairs working in China.  That’s great chance to share your experiences with other Au Pairs from all over the world, to learn Chinese together and to make new friends. There are also organized trips to see local cities and explore the area.

If you have an interest in learning more about how you can be an Au Pair in China, Click Here.  Someone from GeoVisions will contact you right away and answer your questions about the program.

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